Captain and Crew Interaction

boating,Enclosures, Upholstery ,Annapolis, MDDespite the changes in engines, design, construction and electronics that make boating safer than ever, we still need to know the basics. Here are some basic lessons that all boaters need to remember.

Passengers can be a Crew. They can help, but don’t assume they know what to do. Giving your passengers simple tasks that you know they can handle will give them a sense of being an active part of the cruise. Give them each a role that fits their knowledge and abilities, like handling life jackets or helping with the dock lines.

Once they are comfortable on the boat, you can then assign simple tasks during the cruise.  Giving them simple tasks will make them  feel they are part of the crew: everyone must understand and be ready to respond to the captain commands.

One task for passengers is to watch for other boats. Smaller vessels must give way to larger vessels because they are more maneuverable and can easier and get out of their way. Make sure that you passengers, while enjoying the cruise and the view, are also looking for anything than could be a hazard. Anything in the water is a potential hazard to your boat, but you boat doesn’t need to be on or even in the water!

A poorly maintained and protected boat is another hazard. It’s too late to find your boat is leaking, or rusted and your woodwork eaten away by rodents or insects when you set out on your cruise. That’s why you need to protect you boat even if it’s docked or on trailer on dry land.

CMC Canvas LLC provides high quality canvas coverings that will protect your boat from the weather, insects, or anything else that can damage and degrade your boat.