Buying a Boat

 boat cover, canvas,  custom cover, Annapolis MD,boat buyingJust like buying a car, there are pros and cons to buying a new or buying a “pre-owned“ boat. But there are some differences.

When you buy a new boat, you’ll need to equip it for where you’ll be boating and what you’ll be doing out on the water. However, if you pick a boat already equipped for what you want to do on the water, you may save time and some money, but you also acquire any of its “quirks”.

Buying pre-owned boats can be a good option, especially for someone with a limited budget or is just getting into boating. It basically depends on what you want to do when you’re boating.

If you’re considering buying a pre-owned boat, go to a “boat show” first to see what’s there; and match what’s there with what you want to do on the water. Talk to the experienced boaters there to help you find the boat you want, and then shop online for a similar used version that fits you budget.

If you’re buying a pre-owned boat online, from ads or dealerships, get a marine survey of the boat before you buy. A marine survey is like a home inspection. A surveyor will inspect the boat: engine, electrical system, hull and the dash and provide an analysis of the results which will detect structural or mechanical problems on older boats that were not been properly maintained.

Buying a new boat will be more expensive of course – but it’s new! Like a new car, you won’t “inherit” the previous owner’s quirks and problems, and it’s truly yours.

Regardless of the boat you acquire, it still needs to be protected. CMC Canvas LLC provides protective covering for your boat, in or out of the water.