Safe Boating with Children

teaching kids, boating, boat canvas, coverNothing beats a family outing with your kids on a boat. It’s both play and education in one package. A family outing on a boat means togetherness, and also teaches responsibility. Giving your kids appropriate chores and responsibilities while boating, gives them a sense of being “part of the team”.

Time spent on the boat is both fun and educational—and it’s an activity that grows as your children grow. No other family activity teaches children responsibility and teamwork, and it’s something they can enjoy all their lives.

Boating with children is not difficult; but keeping children safe is a full-time job: planning is a must! So before setting sail, make sure you kids understand that safety is everyone’s responsibility, and always comes first.

Set The Rules:

PFDs Are Mandatory: Adults should both set the example as well as set the rules. A child’s life jacket should fit snugly with a collar that keeps the child face up in the water. Choose a child’s PFD that is brightly colored for visibility and fits snugly with a handle or strap and attach a plastic whistle so they can blow it to help locate them in an emergency and in bad visibility.

Swimming Skills: Every child should know how to swim. Swimming lessons in pool before going on the boat should be mandatory for all children, and adults, if possible.

Set the Rules: You have rules for riding in the car; so set some for your boat. Teach them how to properly balance the boat, keep equal weight on both sides and hands and feet inside the boat. And “No running” – even to the head!

Teaching how to maintain and preserve a boat is also a good lesson to learn. CMC Canvas LLC provides quality protective coverings for any size boat.