Boating Tragedy Teaches a Lesson

boat canvas cover, float planRIGBY, Idaho (AP) — Authorities say bone fragments likely belonging to a 3-year-old boy who died in a 1981 boating accident have been recovered from a canal in Idaho. His 5-year-old’ brother body was recovered six weeks later. Authorities say the 1981 boating accident involved four adults and two children 5 and 3-year-old. Both brothers drowned.”

What caused the tragedy was not recorded, but the truth is too many such outing can end up like this. When you’re preparing for a day on the boat you need to consider what can go wrong, and plan how to deal with it.

File a “Float Plan” stating where you’re going and when you intend to return, and leave it with a responsible individual.  Let them know where you are going and when you intend to come back.  Then check the weather before you set sail and don’t deviate from you plan.

You should have already checked you boat to insure it is ready to sail. That means a thorough inspection a day or so before you set sail:

  • Make sure all – PFD’s, lifesavers etc.  are in good condition and the correct size for all passengers, especially the children.
  • Check the fuel and the battery charge.
  • Make sure the lights are in good working condition on both the boat and trailer.
  • Make sure fire extinguishers are accessible and in good condition.
  • Put the plug in.
  • Connect trailer safety chains to tow vehicle.
  • Carry a cell phone and make sure its fully charged.

If caught in a storm, head into the wind, put on PFD’s and keep passengers low in the boat.

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