Boating Risks and Boating Protection

 Boat Enclosures, boat canvas covers,Annapolis,MD,Maintain BoatThere’s always an element of risk in boating. Every sailor knows enough to avoid the obvious dangers caused by strong winds and waves or sailing in a damaged, leaking boat. Responsible sailors know enough to avoid those dangers and have learned seamanship techniques to prevent problems and avoid bad weather and storms.

But the facts are that most boating accidents actually occur when sailors are not experiencing dangerous conditions at all; the most common mistakes and problems occur in “perfect sailing weather”.

“Familiarity breeds contempt” says the old adage. When a situation or environment becomes familiar and routine, the tendency is to “cut corners”. Too often, even experienced sailors may ignore some of the basic rules. How many times have you seen an overcrowded boat and/or people not wearing lifesavers when the day is bright, the water calm and the weather “perfect for sailing”?

The facts are that many boating accidents and mishaps occur when it’s calm and you’re not worrying or concerned about the weather or a problem. In fact, many boating mishaps occur not because of anything to do with weather conditions or environment, but by poor or neglected maintenance and protection.

Even when docked or on dry land a boat is still at the mercy of the elements and the environment. Corrosion, lack of maintenance or protection affects every boat, whether wood or metal, docked or on dry land. Protecting and maintaining your investment, is a 24/7 issue. Your investment, whether in the water or on dry land, needs to be protected; I’s s not enough to just throw a blanket over something as valuable as your boat.

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