Boating Requirements

Here is a summary of what is required for your boat:

  • Power boats boat cover, canvas, upholstery ,Annapolis MD on federal controlled waterways and in-land waterways must be registered or documented.
  • Registration numbers and decals must be correctly displayed on the boat and your original registration or certificate of number must be on-board when in operation.
  • Registration in the state of principal use is required. If the boat is used on the ocean, a gulf, or similar large water whose area encompasses more than one state register the boat in the state where you boat is moored. .
  • Your boat should have the manufacturers Hull Identification Numbers (HIN)) displayed in two locations: Starboard side of transom (2” from top) and under a cover or plate. Boats without a transom must have it on the starboard side 1’ from stern and 1” from the top.
  • Depending on the type of boat and engine type (outboard vs. inboard) should have a manufacturer capacity plate installed in plain sight of the operator. the plate will contain Max permitted horsepower, maximum allowable weight of people onboard, and allowable max combined weights of people, motors, and gear.
  • Your boat must have the required ventilation for the engine.
  • Navigation lights are required when operating from dusk to dawn.
  • Anchor lights are required when anchored.
  • Personal Water Crafts or jet-skis must carry an approved fire extinguisher.

Always file a float plan with someone who can notify the authorities if you don’t arrive within your anticipated time of arrival, and be sure to contact them when you arrive.

And once you’ve safely arrived don’t forget to protect you boat with quality Canvas Coverings from LLC CanvasCMC that will protect your boat when you not aboard. Then there won’t be any leaks or other problems when you’re out alone on the water