Boating Regulations & State Boat Act

Marylandsailboats , Boat, Enclosures, boat canvas covers,Annapolis,MD offers wonderful adventures for recreational boaters, but with the ever-increasing number of boaters on our waters, the responsibility to ensure Maryland’s natural attractions remain clean and safe.

In 1960 The Maryland State Boating Act was enacted to work in tandem with the U.S. Coast Guard in using revenue from regulated boating activity to support boating and maritime activity. The most important element was that Maryland boaters themselves would support of the boating community and administer boating rules and activity.

The Maryland Boat Act Advisory Committee (BAAC) was established as part of the Boating Act. The purpose of the Committee is to make recommendations to the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources on boating regulation and activity. Members include boaters and representatives varied experience and knowledge in boating and boating issues and are appointed by the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources. The Committee meets on a regular basis and its meetings are open to the public whose input is encouraged. The committee provides several brochures, checklists and course listings to aid Maryland boaters available online.

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