Boat Engines

Of the three types of boat engines, Outboard, Stern Drive or Jet Drive which one is the best? Basically, it depends on what boating, boat canvas cover,outboard motoryou do with your boat, and of course, what you can afford.

Even sailboats need some backup power to get home in case of bad weather or emergencies and boats are expensive! Even if they’re not going anywhere, you still have to “park it” somewhere, and docking fees in a marina can be expensive.

Besides the cost issue, what considerations are important when buying or replacing a boat engine? All three engines available have their own characteristics, and that will affect your choice of engine.

Performance: The Outboard, Stern drive and Jet Drive have almost the similar top speeds, about 49 mph. The difference is primarily in acceleration and, not surprisingly, the Jet Drive is the fastest.

Fuel Economy: Obviously the standard outboard is the most fuel efficient. At cruising speed the Outboard is 25% better than the Stern drive and 52% better than the Jet.

Sound Level: Again, the outboard is 6 decibels quieter than the Stern Drive and 11 decibels quieter than the Jet.

Aesthetics: Obviously a personal decision. Looks often trumps performance and economy, and the clean, classic lines of a Stern Drive runabout takes the prize

Operation: The Jet wins hands down. It’s simple to operate; controls are limited to forward, reverse, and steering; and there are no trim or propeller problems to worry about.

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