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Marine Navigation

Marine navigation in its simplest form is the ability of finding your way on the water. Navigation for boaters is basically how to read a nautical chart, knowing the various Aids to Navigation: plotting a course on a nautical chart,...

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Fast and Furious

Whether it’s in a power boat at full speed or a sailboat with a fast following wind in you sails, nothing is more exhilarating that being on a boat at full speed, and a whole ocean or lake for your...

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Eco-Friendly Boating

The volume of pollution disposed in America's waters from recreational boating is estimated to be more than 15 times the amount of the Exxon Valdez spill. An estimated 30% of all fuel and oil used in two-stroke engines ends up...

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Fire on the Water

Water, water everywhere…but you can still have a boat fire. Boat fires are especially dangerous because there’s no place to run, and you may end up literally “in the water without a paddle”.  All boaters should check the safety equipment...

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Caring For Your Boat

Every boat needs maintenance. Fortunately, maintenance and small repairs aren't that tough, and it definitely pays off. The first task is washing your boat regularly. If you cruise in saltwater, Make sure after every outing you rinse your boat thoroughly...

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