Basic Boat Maintenance

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Wires run to batteries and to the alternator.

Proper maintenance extends your boat’s life, reduces costly repairs, and ensures the safety of everyone on board. Keep an eye on any areas of that may need special attention like. You can have a professional vessel inspection, but most damage can easily be prevented by having a preventative maintenance routine.

Battery Care. Like any battery it needs to be properly charged with enough fluid and always cleaned.

Flush your engine after every outing, check fuel tanks and fuel line clamps for rust, damage or corrosion. Also check your oil levels for proper filtration and cleanliness. Make sure your engine’s cooling system is functioning correctly.

Bilge Pumps are crucial and ensuring that the bilge pumps are functioning properly is importance. Water outside the boat is fine, but water inside the boat is a major problem. Make sure that your battery has enough power to run the pump for prolonged times.

Electrical Components. Many boating failures occur because of corroded electrical components. Keep you electrical fittings protected with water-repellant, non-conductive grease or a corrosion inhibitor.

Cleaning and Care. Maintenance doesn’t mean just paying attention to your boat when you’re using it during the warm sailing months – you also need to be sure to protect your craft when it’s docked or out of the water. Wash and wax your boat regularly use an anti-fouling paint can also help protect your boat from the elements.

To prevent the long-term effects of wear and tear, use environmentally-safe products whenever possible. Investing in quality protective canvas coverings and accessories from CMC Canvas LLC will preserve and protect your boat from dirt, water, falling leaves and bird droppings and keep your boat looking “good as new”. CMC Canvas LLC specializes in protective coverings for any type and size of boat.