Avoiding Boating Accidents

boat shades- boating, boat canvas cover, Annapolis MDBoating accidents are not limited to collisions, but whenever someone is injured while boating. Just as with car accidents, different factors can cause a boating accident.  But many boaters remain unaware of some basic rules and laws.

Just like driving a automobile, It’s best not to operate a boat while drinking.  BUI (Boating Under the Influence) is as dangerous as DUI. Over one third of all boating accidents involve alcohol, and the laws are as strict as any highway DUI.

Even if an accident was not the fault of the intoxicated boater, some jurisdictions will assume some liability to the intoxicated person. The captain should be the “Dedicated Driver” of the outing, and others need to drink sensibly, especially if they have a role to play when the boat is being navigated.

Severe weather also causes a number of boating accidents. It may be due keeping afloat under adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, lightning can strike a boat and severely damage the boat and it’ electrical equipment as well as threaten those onboard. If bad weather is approaching, it is best to head for port. Even if it’s just a squall, it’s not going to be a happy cruise If everyone is drenched.

Extreme exposure to sunlight may also cause boat passengers to suffer heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses, so be sure to have a means of blocking direct sunlight if you plan to be out on the water for a long period of time.

Boating accidents may be reduced by following the safety guidelines set by the Coast Guard. Failing to follow Coast Guard directions could result in seizure of the boat.

The basic responsibility of any boat owner is to maintain his boat. CMC Canvas LLC provides quality Canvas Covering that protects the boat and it equipment;  so your boat will be ready to sail when you are.