Affordable Boating

True or false: “Boating is expensive, and only rich people can afford and use a boat”?

boating, canvas cover,boat financingActually, Boating is as affordable as owning an automobile. There’s a boat for every age, lifestyle and budget. Most people don’t realize how affordable boating is: in some instances, you can finance a used or brand new boat financed at about the same rates as buying a car. Going go to boat shows is the best way to see what’s available and get some good deals on new or used boats.

Here are some things you need to consider:

Insurance: Boat insurance varies depending on the length and type of boat you buy. Compare rates on like and then consult a boat insurance agent for quotes. You can reduce the cost of marine insurance by taking a boater’s education course.

Storage: Cost will depend on the size of your boat. A less expensive way to keep a boat is having you boat stored on a trailer in your driveway or backyard. An option for smaller boats is “rack storage” that keeps your boat in a covered shed with trailer-like cradles. Larger boats and owners of smaller boats who want convenience, investing in a marina slip is the best option. Costs will vary by locale as well as by the size of the boat.

Maintenance: Routine maintenance costs will vary by region. Cold weather climates require more involved services, such as oil changes and winterizing at about the same rates you would pay for and automobile on an hourly basis. Pre-owned boats may require significantly more maintenance. That can be as simple as a freshwater wash down after every use.

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