A PFD Is Just The Start!

boat canvas cover, life jacketSmart boaters always have a “backup” if your electronics or any other essential part of your boat breaks down.  If you are not wearing a PFD/ life jacket already, would you have the time to get them before your boat sinks? About 90% of those who drown did not have a PFD.

But A PFD by itself is just the beginning. Members of the Coast Guard are required to carry additional safety equipment on their PFD’s. This equipment is not legally required, but has saved lives that would have died otherwise.

So what are these “additional safety equipment” that can make your cruise even more safer?

  1. A signal mirror that can be seen over 10 miles away. Three boaters were rescued when they used a signal mirror to attract a NYPD Helicopter. Without the mirror they , would waited a long time for help, and could  have died from exposure.
  2.  Whistle. Whistles can have a range of a half mile or more -That’s greater than you voice can be heard, and your voice will never be heard over the waves and the wind.
  3.  A Strobe light can be seen for miles if you’re on a night cruise.
  4. Reflective tape fixed to your PFD on the top of the back and in front.
  5. Personal flares. These are small flares carried in the pocket of your PFD, and  used when you  need to attract attention.

Any personal safety equipment is useless if you boat is not in good condition to keep you afloat. Investing in high quality Canvas Coverings from CMC Canvas LLC protects your boat and keep you “high and dry” — even when on the water.